2023 #SeeSharjah – Urban Landscapes

Urban Landscapes
Beeah's Architectural Symphony
Beeah’s Architectural Symphony
The interior of Beeah Headquarters in Sharjah, a testament to Zaha Hadid’s vision, is encapsulated in this image. The photo captures the iconic curvilinear roof and the signature staircase, with a man in traditional kandoora descending, bringing a sense of motion and human scale to the scene. It’s a celebration of organic architecture and cultural identity.
Majid Al Bastaki
1st Place
Architecture Hunting
Architecture Hunting
This symbol is placed in the house of wisdom.I have tried to show in different vision.
Sara Goli
2nd Place
Sharjah With Its Landmarks
Sharjah With Its Landmarks
This work was photographed in Sharjah, specifically in Al Majaz, and this picture shows several landmarks in order, beginning with the central market, and in the middle of the picture, we are shown Flag Island, and in the background of the picture, we are shown the Sharjah Towers, in addition to government buildings, and Al Majaz Island, with the beautiful colors of the sunset.
Omar Almarzouqi
I took this photo during sunrise. It was a colourful sunrise. Water was very calm.
S M Haque
The Bridge To Solace
The Bridge To Solace
As you traverse the bridge to the opposite shore, you’ll encounter Al Noor Island, home to one of the region’s captivating butterfly parks. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of butterflies, where vibrant hues gracefully adorn delicate wings, and each gentle flutter reveals a realm of fascination. From this island vantage point, you can also savor the city’s beauty. This photo captures the scene during the bluehour enhancing its beauty.
Anoop Basheer
Where City Vibes Meet Island Tranquility
Where City Vibes Meet Island Tranquility
Embraced by the gentle lapping of waters, this island sanctuary unveils a meticulously crafted landscape adorned with lush greenery, contemporary art installations, and vibrant flora. As the day unfolds, the skyline of Sharjah on the horizon transforms into a mesmerizing tapestry of city lights, casting a radiant glow against the tranquil backdrop of Al Noor Island.
Shyjith Onden Cheriyath
Capturing the vibrant essence of the city through reflective surfaces, where urban life and beauty intertwine harmoniously.
Bernard II Recirdo


After the Jury completed their scoring the shortlist was automatically generated and submitted to the Awards Committee who applied additional scoring criteria that either added points or deduct points thus creating the final seven Nominees published on this page.

In each category, there will be awarded:

One Winner
One Runner-up
Five Certificates of Merit

The Winner and Runner-up from each category will be invited to the 2024 Xposure Festival from 28th February to 5th March inclusive. During the Awards Ceremony on 1st March February 2023, the final outcome of the position will be announced.

The 2023 Jury consisted of 23 professional photographers and industry experts.