2023 Nominees – Short Film & Moving Image

Short Film & Moving Image
Why I Travel The World Alone
It is a three-year solo-journey around the world, which showcases evolution of my childhood dream of becoming an astronaut to explore Earth from above, a dream left unfulfilled, but one that paved the way for a new passion: exploring the world’s heights with a drone.
Bashir Abu Shakra
Munich, Germany
This Side Other Side
In short, the story of the film is that no border can prevent the formation of friendships and affection between children, and I wish that the world of adults, like the world of children, is full of peace and friendship.
Lida Fazli
tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of
1st PLace
Look inside and you will see the hero lies in you. It’s a story of unknown people who are selflessly working to save the environment, in India. ( Goa, Haryana, Rajasthan ).Group of village elders in Rajasthan, Anil a Social worker in Haryana & Sunil a local fisherman in Goa.
Haider Khan
mumbai , India
Pawn Promotion
Ferdinand is a young boy suffering from cerebral palsy and living in Africa’s largest floating slum, Makoko. With the odds stacked against him, he is discovered to be a chess prodigy, marking a change in his life’s trajectory. Pawn Promotion is a story of human compassion, tenacity and achievement.
Efe Edosio
Lagos, Nigeria
The Marshes Of Iraq
“The Marshes of Iraq” is a gripping documentary on climate change’s impact on the Marsh Arabs, highlighting water salinity, pollution, and women’s role. Witness the resilience of individuals preserving their ancestral lifestyle and the need for global action. Experience the beauty this fragile ecosystem through stunning visuals and storytelling
Ali Muhammed
Baghdad, Iraq
2nd Place
دارتاش – Dartaş – Carpenter
An old Kurdish man (Hussein Mahmood) who is a carpenter tries to make artificial legs for people who have lost their legs.
Xelîl Sehragerd
Erbil, Iraq


After the Jury completed their scoring the shortlist was automatically generated and submitted to the Awards Committee who applied additional scoring criteria that either added points or deduct points thus creating the final seven Nominees published on this page.

In each category, there will be awarded:

One Winner
One Runner-up
Five Certificates of Merit

The Winner and Runner-up from each category will be invited to the 2024 Xposure Festival from 28th February to 5th March inclusive. During the Awards Ceremony on 1st March February 2023, the final outcome of the position will be announced.

The 2023 Jury consisted of 23 professional photographers and industry experts.