2023 Nominees – Junior Category

Junior Category
Guardian Of Time: The Treasures Of Persia
Mr. Abbasi is the owner of Home of Eastern Arts, a Persian antique store in Al Seef, containing some of the finest pieces of handcrafted art you will ever see. He moved from Iran decades ago, prior to Dubai’s transformation into the well-known global city it is today. He experienced a switch in culture – from traditional art with heart and soul behind it, to a meaningless digital world.
Zayaan Raza
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Arabic Patterns
Traditional Islamic architecture emphasizes symmetry and balance, with meticulous attention to detail. The Ajman Mosque is no exception, showcasing the artistry and craftsmanship
Ishaan Shyjith
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Bathed in the soft morning light, weathered trees stand like ageless guardians, their gnarled branches extending long, elegant shadows. Each tree appears to rouse from slumber, as if the sun’s caress awakens them. It’s a tranquil, eternal scene, a harmonious play of light and shadows, where nature itself quietly embraces the new day with deep respect.
Eida Almarzooqi
Ajman, United Arab Emirates
Lake View
A photo of a lake and the nature view. It shows how beautiful cannot be compromised, and how present it is nature. It is a gift that isn’t appreciated enough.
Sayna Siby
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
A Face Mirrored In Water
A photo capturing a swimmer’s face reflecting on the calm water’s surface, displaying the connection between the underwater world and her inner self. Her piercing blue eyes contrast beautifully with the aquatic surroundings. This photo was taken of a swimmer on my school team.
Jamal Bazzari
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
1st Place
Boxing Brawl
This fight was a debut for both fighters, an opportunity for them to prove themselves. This led to a brawl. Punch for punch, blow for blow. Through all the sweat, blood, and pain these two fighters wouldn’t stop throwing punches with their entire bodies behind them. These two warriors went to war with only one goal in mind, to be the one standing at the end of it.
Jamal Bazzari
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Reflections And Ripples: A Black-Winged Stilt’s Tranquil Moment
While I was photographing water birds, I noticed a black-winged stilt standing gracefully in the water. The reflection of the bird and the glistening water droplet on its mouth compelled me to capture this moment. I have a particular fondness for low-angle shots, and this image was no exception.
Rithved Girishkumar
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2nd Place


After the Jury completed their scoring the shortlist was automatically generated and submitted to the Awards Committee who applied additional scoring criteria that either added points or deduct points thus creating the final seven Nominees published on this page.

In each category, there will be awarded:

One Winner
One Runner-up
Five Certificates of Merit

The Winner and Runner-up from each category will be invited to the 2024 Xposure Festival from 28th February to 5th March inclusive. During the Awards Ceremony on 1st March February 2023, the final outcome of the position will be announced.

The 2023 Jury consisted of 23 professional photographers and industry experts.