What is Xposure?

Xposure International Photography & Film Festival stands as a dynamic convergence of visual storytelling, expertly blending photography’s artistry with film’s narrative prowess. Held annually over seven exhilarating days in Sharjah, UAE, the cultural heartbeat of the region, this vibrant event serves as a global nexus for photographers and filmmakers to converge, exchange ideas, and celebrate their craft.

At Xposure, photography and film transcend mere mediums of expression; they become potent catalysts for connection and collaboration. The festival cultivates an inclusive environment, drawing professionals, enthusiasts, and the public alike to immerse themselves in the captivating realm of visual storytelling through a rich tapestry of exhibitions, screenings, workshops, seminars, and more.

Central to the festival’s ethos are the Independent & Freelance Photojournalist Award (IFPA) and the Global Focus project, both initiatives that spotlight independent voices and compelling narratives from across the globe. The IFPA recognises the exceptional work of independent visual storytellers, providing them with a platform to share their perspectives and experiences. Meanwhile, the Global Focus project illuminates diverse and underrepresented stories, amplifying voices and shedding light on pressing social issues.

In addition to these initiatives, the festival boasts over 2400 image exhibits spread across 90 galleries, creating a breathtaking visual landscape for attendees to explore and engage with. Furthermore, a photography & film trade show adds another layer of excitement, offering attendees the chance to discover the latest innovations and connect with industry leaders.

The festival’s pinnacle is undoubtedly the Xposure International Photography & Film Awards, which honour outstanding creators across nine categories, including landscape, documentary film, sports and action, night photography, and nature and landscape. With a prize pool of over 60,000 USD, these awards serve as a beacon of excellence, inspiring and elevating the global photography and film community.

The Independent and Freelance Photojournalism award features three categories—Spot News, Environment, and Solutions—each offering a first prize of 15,000 USD, recognising the vital role of independent storytelling in shaping our understanding of the world. Additionally, the International Film Award categories, including Documentary, Shorts, Animation, and Cinematic Arts, boast an 18,000 USD prize pool, celebrating innovation and creativity in filmmaking.

Beyond accolades and awards, Xposure is a hub for learning and growth. It offers many educational opportunities and networking events for photographers and filmmakers to expand their skills, forge meaningful connections, and cultivate a vibrant community of visual storytellers.

An integral element of the festival is the Conservation Summit, a dedicated day focused on conservation featuring prominent speakers in the field. The symposium addresses an important conservation aspect each year, underscoring Xposure’s commitment to promoting environmental awareness and sustainability through visual storytelling.

Xposure also serves as a global stage for photographers, attracting some of the industry’s most famous, iconic, and respected names. Alongside these esteemed professionals, the festival seeks to showcase emerging photographers, offering them a platform to shine and providing valuable networking opportunities to further their careers.

By seamlessly integrating photography and film, Xposure transcends traditional boundaries, inspiring creativity, fostering innovation, and shaping the future of visual storytelling on a global scale. Join us at Xposure to celebrate creativity, forge connections, and propel the art of visual storytelling forward.

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